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Symbol Price EPS
ALV 1.41 06:00 am ET
LUV 0.53 06:30 am ET
FAF 0.59 07:00 am ET
PENN 0.06 07:00 am ET
RTN 1.60 07:00 am ET
UA 0.40 07:00 am ET
ZMH 1.30 07:00 am ET
CAT 1.36 07:30 am ET
RS 1.35 08:50 am ET
ACU 0.35 09:00 am ET
CNMD 0.39 4:00 pm ET
FSL 0.43 4:00 pm ET
WOOF 0.52 4:00 pm ET
ALGN 0.43 After Mkt
ALTR 0.37 After Mkt
AMZN -0.74 After Mkt
BAS 0.26 After Mkt
BJRI 0.13 After Mkt
BLDR 0.10 After Mkt
BMRN -0.23 After Mkt
BMTC 0.52 After Mkt
CB 1.95 After Mkt
CBI 1.41 After Mkt
CERN 0.42 After Mkt
CKH 0.83 After Mkt
CLMS 0.12 After Mkt
CLNE -0.28 After Mkt
CMRE 0.41 After Mkt
CPWR 0.07 After Mkt
CTCT 0.33 After Mkt
CYN 1.07 After Mkt
DECK 1.03 After Mkt
DLB 0.31 After Mkt
DV 0.29 After Mkt
ECHO 0.22 After Mkt
ELY -0.27 After Mkt
EW 0.73 After Mkt
FBRC 0.52 After Mkt
FII 0.35 After Mkt
FLS 1.00 After Mkt
FPO 0.25 After Mkt
FUBC 0.10 After Mkt
FWRD 0.59 After Mkt
GBCI 0.40 After Mkt
GHL 0.60 After Mkt
GIFI 0.23 After Mkt
GIMO -0.04 After Mkt
HBHC 0.58 After Mkt
HFWA 0.24 After Mkt
HUBG 0.54 After Mkt
HWAY 0.08 After Mkt
ICUI 0.48 After Mkt
IG -0.01 After Mkt
IM 0.62 After Mkt
INFA 0.33 After Mkt
JBSS 0.72 After Mkt
JNPR 0.35 After Mkt
KLAC 0.46 After Mkt
KMR N/A After Mkt
LOGM 0.28 After Mkt
LSCC 0.06 After Mkt
MCRL 0.10 After Mkt
MMSI 0.16 After Mkt
MOVE 0.01 After Mkt
MSFT 0.49 After Mkt
MTSN 0.00 After Mkt
MTX 1.07 After Mkt
MXIM 0.37 After Mkt
MXWL -0.10 After Mkt
N 0.04 After Mkt
NBHC 0.10 After Mkt
NCR 0.70 After Mkt
NTGR 0.61 After Mkt
OCFC 0.30 After Mkt
OFG 0.38 After Mkt
OLN 0.42 After Mkt
OPLK 0.26 After Mkt
P 0.08 After Mkt
PACB -0.16 After Mkt
PCCC 0.42 After Mkt
PDFS 0.15 After Mkt
PEB 0.63 After Mkt
PFG 1.06 After Mkt
PFPT -0.11 After Mkt
PGI 0.21 After Mkt
POL 0.48 After Mkt
QLIK 0.00 After Mkt
RMD 0.58 After Mkt
RUBI -0.17 After Mkt
RVBD 0.30 After Mkt
RXN 0.40 After Mkt
SBSI 0.55 After Mkt
SHOR 0.04 After Mkt
SIVB 1.23 After Mkt
SPNC -0.08 After Mkt
SPSC 0.16 After Mkt
SRCL 1.06 After Mkt
SSD 0.45 After Mkt
SWFT 0.35 After Mkt
SWN 0.52 After Mkt
SYNA 1.19 After Mkt
THRX -0.14 After Mkt
TOWN N/A After Mkt
UPI -0.07 After Mkt
VMI 2.18 After Mkt
VRSN 0.69 After Mkt
WHG N/A After Mkt
WRB 0.90 After Mkt
WRE 0.41 After Mkt
WRI 0.50 After Mkt
WSFS 1.40 After Mkt
AAL 1.63 Before Mkt
AB 0.44 Before Mkt
ACAT 1.18 Before Mkt
AEP 1.01 Before Mkt
ALK 1.42 Before Mkt
ALXN 1.16 Before Mkt
ARG 1.29 Before Mkt
AVT 0.97 Before Mkt
BBW 0.05 Before Mkt
BC 0.58 Before Mkt
BCC 0.69 Before Mkt
BHE 0.41 Before Mkt
BKU 0.45 Before Mkt
BMS 0.67 Before Mkt
CAB 0.86 Before Mkt
CAM 1.09 Before Mkt
CCE 0.88 Before Mkt
CCMP 0.63 Before Mkt
CELG 0.95 Before Mkt
CHKP 0.91 Before Mkt
CLI 0.47 Before Mkt
CLRO 0.12 Before Mkt
CMCSA 0.71 Before Mkt
CMS 0.38 Before Mkt
CNOB N/A Before Mkt
CRAI 0.35 Before Mkt
CRI 1.24 Before Mkt
CRS 0.16 Before Mkt
CSH 0.77 Before Mkt
CWEI 0.95 Before Mkt
DAN 0.50 Before Mkt
DGX 1.08 Before Mkt
DLX 1.00 Before Mkt
DNKN 0.47 Before Mkt
DO 0.79 Before Mkt
DPS 0.88 Before Mkt
EFSC 0.36 Before Mkt
EPZM -0.55 Before Mkt
EQM 0.86 Before Mkt
EQT 0.51 Before Mkt
FBNK 0.15 Before Mkt
GMT 1.16 Before Mkt
GNC 0.74 Before Mkt
GPI 1.44 Before Mkt
HERO -0.05 Before Mkt
IVC -0.26 Before Mkt
JAH 1.16 Before Mkt
JAKK 0.99 Before Mkt
JBLU 0.26 Before Mkt
JNS 0.22 Before Mkt
KKR 0.44 Before Mkt
LAWS N/A Before Mkt
LAZ 0.64 Before Mkt
LLY 0.67 Before Mkt
LO 0.90 Before Mkt
LSTR 0.81 Before Mkt
LTM 0.86 Before Mkt
MDP 0.64 Before Mkt
MGI 0.34 Before Mkt
MHO 0.41 Before Mkt
MINI 0.32 Before Mkt
MJN 0.90 Before Mkt
MMM 1.96 Before Mkt
MNI N/A Before Mkt
MNRO 0.51 Before Mkt
MTRN 0.43 Before Mkt
NLSN 0.65 Before Mkt
NUE 0.73 Before Mkt
NWE 0.43 Before Mkt
ORI 0.27 Before Mkt
OSIS 0.56 Before Mkt
OSTK 0.08 Before Mkt
OXY 1.57 Before Mkt
PCP 3.32 Before Mkt
PEBO N/A Before Mkt
PHM 0.36 Before Mkt
PJC 0.57 Before Mkt
PLD N/A Before Mkt
PRLB 0.47 Before Mkt
PTEN 0.47 Before Mkt
QSII 0.14 Before Mkt
RCL 2.19 Before Mkt
RYL 0.80 Before Mkt
SFNC 0.58 Before Mkt
SIAL 1.06 Before Mkt
SLAB 0.48 Before Mkt
SNBC N/A Before Mkt
SONS 0.01 Before Mkt
SQBK 0.23 Before Mkt
STBZ 0.21 Before Mkt
TBI 0.45 Before Mkt
TDY 1.28 Before Mkt
TNC 0.69 Before Mkt
TROW 1.15 Before Mkt
UAL 2.68 Before Mkt
UCBI 0.29 Before Mkt
UNP 1.52 Before Mkt
USG 0.46 Before Mkt
UTEK 0.00 Before Mkt
UTL 0.08 Before Mkt
VVI 0.98 Before Mkt
WCC 1.50 Before Mkt
WLB -0.74 Before Mkt
WMAR 0.33 Before Mkt
WSO 1.56 Before Mkt
WYNN 1.84 Before Mkt
AKBA -0.45 Unknown
ASPS 2.16 Unknown
COCO 0.11 Unknown
CYBE N/A Unknown
EBIO -0.44 Unknown
EDMC -0.08 Unknown
FFIC 0.38 Unknown
FRME 0.43 Unknown
GRUB 0.06 Unknown
KRO 0.21 Unknown
OABC N/A Unknown
SBY 0.06 Unknown
SONA 0.16 Unknown
STC 0.60 Unknown
STML -0.58 Unknown
STRT 1.40 Unknown
TRIB 0.20 Unknown
YNDX 10.43 Unknown

Highest Premium Preferred Stocks Highlights

Symbol Name Last Change Volume Premium/
HBANP Huntington Bancshares, 8.50% Series A Non-Cumul Perpetual Conv Preferred Stock 1,318.00 -20.00 (-1.49%) 57 82.67% 6.45%
TZF Bear Stearns Depositor TRUCs Certs 2001-2, 7.10% IBM Corp. 40.00 0.00 (0.00%) 0 60.00% 4.44%
SPG-PJ Simon Property Group, 8 3/8% Series J Cumul Preferred Shares 70.50 -0.15 (-0.21%) 2,234 41.00% 5.94%
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The Fed is Bi-Winning!

Posted on 2011-04-05 by Daniel Ho

Bi-Winning FedFederal Reserve Chairman Bernanke gave a speech on Monday (Apr 4, 2011) at a conference hosted by the Atlantic Fed, of which he said:

“I think the increase [on inflation] will be transitory, that it will pass, and we will go back to a level of inflation that is consistent with our price stability mandate.”

He also said:

“We have to monitor inflation and inflation expectations extremely closely because if my assumptions prove not to be correct, then we would certainly have to respond to that and ensure that we maintain price stability.”

This got people thinking that the Fed might have changed its loose monetary policy, but then quotes from his interview on ABC after his speech really gave away his thinking. Some notable quotes from the interview are shown below:

Q: Some people have questioned the Fed's reasoning behind leaving food and fuel cost out of inflation monitoring. Why do you think they should be left out?
A: You can’t process me with a normal brain. If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, "Dude! Can't handle it, unplug this bastard!". It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh... this terrestrial realm.

Q: The financial tsunami had adversely affected many Americans and citizens of many countries. How has the event affected you personally?
A: I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

Q: Other than quantitative easing, what other tools does the Fed have in achieving its dual mandate of promoting maximum employment and price stability?
A: I was banging seven-gram rocks, because that’s how I roll. I have one speed, I have one gear: Go.

Q: Thomas Jefferson once said that 'Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.' What do you think about that?
A: I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy.

Q: Some people believe that Americans are addicted to debt, and some say that you are the drug dealer to them. Is that true?
A: The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.

Q: Ron Paul criticized you that you failed the dual mandate of the Fed, that you failed to create real jobs or to control price. What do you think?
A: Wow what does that mean? I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there. Now what?

Mea Culpa! We mixed up the Charlie Sheen's interview with Chairman Bernanke's. Be sure to read the true quotes on chairman Bernanke here.

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