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Symbol Price EPS
CTRX 0.61 06:00 am ET
HSON -0.17 07:00 am ET
TESO -0.07 07:00 am ET
ACU 0.19 09:00 am ET
SREV 1.08 09:00 am ET
GPS 0.74 4:00 pm ET
JCP 0.11 4:00 pm ET
ABTL 0.03 After Mkt
ACAD -0.26 After Mkt
ADSK 0.24 After Mkt
AEGR 0.01 After Mkt
AHC N/A After Mkt
AHP -0.12 After Mkt
AIRM 0.47 After Mkt
AL 0.61 After Mkt
AMH 0.17 After Mkt
AMSF 0.78 After Mkt
APEI 0.53 After Mkt
APL 0.05 After Mkt
ARUN 0.27 After Mkt
ASCMA -0.69 After Mkt
ASPN -0.14 After Mkt
ATEC -0.01 After Mkt
AVHI -0.01 After Mkt
BALT -0.08 After Mkt
BCEI 0.27 After Mkt
BIOS 0.01 After Mkt
BLOX 0.05 After Mkt
CERS -0.15 After Mkt
CLNE -0.17 After Mkt
CROX -0.31 After Mkt
CRTN N/A After Mkt
CSU 0.05 After Mkt
CUBE 0.27 After Mkt
DGI 0.06 After Mkt
ECOL 0.36 After Mkt
ECPG 1.13 After Mkt
ENOC -0.95 After Mkt
ENV 0.22 After Mkt
ERIE 0.70 After Mkt
EVAR -0.54 After Mkt
EVC 0.08 After Mkt
EVHC 0.36 After Mkt
FIX 0.16 After Mkt
GBLI 0.43 After Mkt
GEVA -1.71 After Mkt
HF 0.73 After Mkt
HLF 1.22 After Mkt
HPP 0.30 After Mkt
HPTX -0.20 After Mkt
ICFI 0.56 After Mkt
IILG 0.24 After Mkt
IM 0.99 After Mkt
IMMR 0.09 After Mkt
JOE -0.16 After Mkt
KND 0.26 After Mkt
KWR 1.00 After Mkt
LTC 0.65 After Mkt
LXRX -0.03 After Mkt
LYV -0.41 After Mkt
MAIN 0.58 After Mkt
MDRX 0.09 After Mkt
MGEE 1.07 After Mkt
MITT 0.50 After Mkt
MNST N/A After Mkt
MRGE 0.59 After Mkt
MVNR 0.38 After Mkt
NADL -0.17 After Mkt
NEWM 0.22 After Mkt
NNI -0.14 After Mkt
NOG 1.48 After Mkt
NSM 0.19 After Mkt
NXST -0.08 After Mkt
ONE 0.32 After Mkt
PE 0.29 After Mkt
PEGA 0.09 After Mkt
PEIX 0.32 After Mkt
PER 0.17 After Mkt
PODD 0.02 After Mkt
POM -0.04 After Mkt
QEPM 0.44 After Mkt
QUNR 0.25 After Mkt
REXR -0.45 After Mkt
RHP 0.20 After Mkt
RMTI N/A After Mkt
ROST -0.09 After Mkt
RP 1.11 After Mkt
RPTP 0.08 After Mkt
RRMS -0.14 After Mkt
SB 0.70 After Mkt
SBAC 0.02 After Mkt
SD 0.02 After Mkt
SDLP 0.00 After Mkt
SEMG N/A After Mkt
SFL 0.32 After Mkt
SHLD 0.30 After Mkt
SMLP 0.18 After Mkt
SNH 0.21 After Mkt
SNMX 0.21 After Mkt
SRC 0.04 After Mkt
SRE 0.21 After Mkt
SRPT -0.07 After Mkt
SZYM 0.50 After Mkt
TASR -0.47 After Mkt
TROX 0.71 After Mkt
TUMI -0.22 After Mkt
TWI 0.34 After Mkt
UIL 1.50 After Mkt
ULTR 0.63 After Mkt
UNXL 0.01 After Mkt
WIFI 0.09 After Mkt
WMAR -0.09 After Mkt
WTR 0.28 After Mkt
WTW 0.27 After Mkt
WUBA 0.07 After Mkt
ACIW 0.43 Before Mkt
AES 0.36 Before Mkt
AGEN -0.16 Before Mkt
AKBA -0.66 Before Mkt
AKRX 0.45 Before Mkt
AMCX 0.99 Before Mkt
AMWD 0.36 Before Mkt
ANSS 0.81 Before Mkt
ARCC 0.39 Before Mkt
ARCP 0.26 Before Mkt
AUXL 0.42 Before Mkt
BDBD 0.05 Before Mkt
BRG 0.13 Before Mkt
BWEN -0.31 Before Mkt
CCG 0.15 Before Mkt
CETV N/A Before Mkt
CHS 0.02 Before Mkt
CNP 0.26 Before Mkt
CNSL 0.19 Before Mkt
COWN 0.11 Before Mkt
CRI 1.27 Before Mkt
CWEI 0.67 Before Mkt
CYBX 0.57 Before Mkt
CYD 0.52 Before Mkt
DDD 0.25 Before Mkt
DRQ 1.34 Before Mkt
EME 0.75 Before Mkt
EPZM -0.53 Before Mkt
ESV 1.36 Before Mkt
EXH 0.36 Before Mkt
EXLP 0.29 Before Mkt
FCH 0.10 Before Mkt
FIG 0.17 Before Mkt
GASS 0.12 Before Mkt
GCAP 0.44 Before Mkt
GOGO -0.31 Before Mkt
HAWK 1.05 Before Mkt
HAWKB N/A Before Mkt
HBIO 0.09 Before Mkt
HEES 0.45 Before Mkt
HHC 0.19 Before Mkt
HMHC -0.31 Before Mkt
HSC 0.13 Before Mkt
HSNI 1.19 Before Mkt
HTWR -0.59 Before Mkt
ICON 0.55 Before Mkt
IPCC 1.13 Before Mkt
IQNT 0.27 Before Mkt
IRDM 0.13 Before Mkt
ITC 0.50 Before Mkt
KOP 0.41 Before Mkt
KSS 1.80 Before Mkt
LKQ 0.32 Before Mkt
LPI 0.14 Before Mkt
LTM 0.69 Before Mkt
LUK N/A Before Mkt
MACK -0.19 Before Mkt
MDXG 0.03 Before Mkt
MEG 0.31 Before Mkt
MENT 0.31 Before Mkt
MGRC 0.49 Before Mkt
MTZ N/A Before Mkt
NMBL 0.31 Before Mkt
NTI N/A Before Mkt
NTLS 0.54 Before Mkt
NVAX -0.29 Before Mkt
NXTM 0.82 Before Mkt
OCN -0.10 Before Mkt
OGE 0.40 Before Mkt
OLED 0.27 Before Mkt
ORN 0.16 Before Mkt
OVTI 0.11 Before Mkt
PRGN 0.20 Before Mkt
PSIX 0.49 Before Mkt
RLH 0.49 Before Mkt
SEB -0.16 Before Mkt
SGM -0.28 Before Mkt
SINA -1.89 Before Mkt
SPLK 0.45 Before Mkt
STAY -0.82 Before Mkt
STML 0.14 Before Mkt
TAST 0.11 Before Mkt
TICC 0.13 Before Mkt
TPC 0.28 Before Mkt
UHS -0.06 Before Mkt
VC 0.60 Before Mkt
VGR 1.22 Before Mkt
WEN 0.03 Before Mkt
WG N/A Before Mkt
WNR -0.48 Before Mkt
WNRL 0.98 Before Mkt
WPX 0.38 Before Mkt
YOKU -0.07 Before Mkt
ZBRA -0.07 Before Mkt
AFC N/A Unknown
ASPS 0.04 Unknown
AUMN -0.10 Unknown
BPT N/A Unknown
CHKR N/A Unknown
GAME N/A Unknown
MGLN N/A Unknown
NCMI 0.25 Unknown
PFMT N/A Unknown
PRIM -0.23 Unknown
SDRL 0.68 Unknown
SEAS 0.63 Unknown
SFY 0.38 Unknown
SWN -0.60 Unknown
VAC -0.45 Unknown
VTG 0.10 Unknown
WSR N/A Unknown
XCRA -0.12 Unknown

Today's Earnings Stocks Highlights

Symbol Name Last Change Volume EPS
SRE Sempra Energy 108.45 -0.19 (-0.17%) 1.37M 0.21 After Mkt 26.69B
ROST Ross Stores, Inc. 99.05 0.59 (0.60%) 1.57M -0.09 After Mkt 20.65B
GPS The Gap, Inc. 40.37 0.08 (0.20%) 5.98M 0.74 4:00 pm ET 17.10B
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The Fed is Bi-Winning!

Posted on 2011-04-05 by Daniel Ho

Bi-Winning FedFederal Reserve Chairman Bernanke gave a speech on Monday (Apr 4, 2011) at a conference hosted by the Atlantic Fed, of which he said:

“I think the increase [on inflation] will be transitory, that it will pass, and we will go back to a level of inflation that is consistent with our price stability mandate.”

He also said:

“We have to monitor inflation and inflation expectations extremely closely because if my assumptions prove not to be correct, then we would certainly have to respond to that and ensure that we maintain price stability.”

This got people thinking that the Fed might have changed its loose monetary policy, but then quotes from his interview on ABC after his speech really gave away his thinking. Some notable quotes from the interview are shown below:

Q: Some people have questioned the Fed's reasoning behind leaving food and fuel cost out of inflation monitoring. Why do you think they should be left out?
A: You can’t process me with a normal brain. If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, "Dude! Can't handle it, unplug this bastard!". It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh... this terrestrial realm.

Q: The financial tsunami had adversely affected many Americans and citizens of many countries. How has the event affected you personally?
A: I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

Q: Other than quantitative easing, what other tools does the Fed have in achieving its dual mandate of promoting maximum employment and price stability?
A: I was banging seven-gram rocks, because that’s how I roll. I have one speed, I have one gear: Go.

Q: Thomas Jefferson once said that 'Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.' What do you think about that?
A: I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy.

Q: Some people believe that Americans are addicted to debt, and some say that you are the drug dealer to them. Is that true?
A: The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.

Q: Ron Paul criticized you that you failed the dual mandate of the Fed, that you failed to create real jobs or to control price. What do you think?
A: Wow what does that mean? I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there. Now what?

Mea Culpa! We mixed up the Charlie Sheen's interview with Chairman Bernanke's. Be sure to read the true quotes on chairman Bernanke here.

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